Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Usually using unostentatious settings as stepping-stone footage for the videos – from urban settings, interiors, and forests - the subsequently manipulated and precisely choreographed patterns mirror the concern for formal and cognitive visual rigor. Often palindromic and/or surgically sliced into rhythmic, repetitive footage with careful concern for soundtrack implications, the short pieces reveal, at times, surprising short-circuiting attentive observations from the seemingly banal out-sets. A study in the manipulation of the inconspicuous.
Sam Renseiw

The Direct Language project has ended and can be viewed in its entirety archived below. A selection of the videos is also available as an unlimited edition series of DVDs, unostentatiously packaged in a plain cover with a handwritten label. This can be purchased for a nominal amount to cover materials, handling and postage. Email me for details with "Direct Language DVD" in the subject field.

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Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

a la recherche de quelques videos perdues...
how nice to have them back!

and it's small surprises every time... one could faintly remember the chronology with thumbnails, but this is more fun, and challenging too to click on the links.

(funny how ourmedia seems outdated, already)

6:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

voila, here it comes! great series, steven... would you perhaps have a single download file? i would enjoy to watch it in my sofa! martin

7:12 am  

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